Section: AGC/VT News
Employee Retention Shines
In today’s market, recruiting new talent generates a lot of focus, but equally important is what happens after new hires join the team.
Soaring Road Construction Costs Could Nix Some State and Local Projects
Inflation for construction materials far exceeds the already high inflation for consumer goods, a trend that, if it continues, threatens to sap the spending power of money flowing to states and localities from Washington in President Biden’s signature infrastructure law.
You’re Not Demented, Just Dehydrated
You don’t need to be stranded in a desert to feel the effects of dehydration. Almost all the people you see and meet on a daily basis are dehydrated.
Prevent dump truck tip-overs
Many factors contribute to dump truck tip-overs depending on the worksite and the type of truck used
AGC/VT Releases Career Road Map
AGC/VT contractors have consistently ranked recruiting and retaining skilled workers as two of their top human resources priorities.
We're Back!!
After going virtual last year and meeting on the AGC/VT “Island,” this year members got to see each other in-person and away from a screen—at least for part of the two-event.
AGC/VT Wins AGC of America Chapter of the Year
The Associated General Contractors of America named the Associated General Contractors of Vermont (AGC/VT) as the winner of the Small Chapter of the Year. The award was presented at the 2021 National and Chapter Leadership Conference on Sunday, September 19 in Orlando, Florida.
Your Voice: Vermont Climate Council Public Engagement
The Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act (Act 153) passed in 2020 is a major game changer for the state. The goal of the act is to curb climate change by statutorily requiring Vermont to reduce emissions that emit carbon into the atmosphere.
Six Inches Off the Ground
So we decided to hand the mid-year review column to Rosie so you can get her take on what’s happened at AGC/VT and what’s in store for the remaining months.
Mid-Summer Meetings Draw Huge Crowds
The AGC/VT team knew that when Governor Phil Scott dropped all COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings, that members needed to reconnect and re-engage not over a screen, not over a phone, and not as avatars.
Eco-Friendly Technology Equipment: The Changing Face of Heavy Machinery
EcoCharge Launches Electrical, Battery-Operated Excavations and Rental Equipment
After landing a sizable project at the Winooski school, which that requires the green, zero carbon emissions, and low-to-no noise pollution machinery, Tim knew he needed a local option. Rather than waiting for those choices to appear, Tim, Tina, Chad Cole and Lauren Weir started EcoCharge, a company that now offers an assortment of electrical, battery-operated equipment and machinery for contractors to rent.
US Labor Dept. Withdraws Trump Rule Defining Independent Contractors
The U.S. Dept. of Labor has withdrawn a Trump administration regulation that provides guidelines about whether a worker is an independent contractor, or an employee who qualifies for the federal minimum wage and time-and-a-half overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Governor Scott Announces Full Reopening
White House Proposes 8-Year, $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
President Joe Biden today is proposing $387 billion for transportation infrastructure improvements during an event in Pittsburgh. The American Jobs Plan (AJP) is billed as a way to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure systems while generating employment and economic growth. It includes investment beyond transportation infrastructure such as broadband, school construction, and drinking water.
Is the Definition of Workplace Impairment Changing?
7 Habits of Deeply Confident Leaders
Construction Costs Continued Climbing in February with More Expected in First Half of 2021
FMCSA Fines Have Increased For 2021
Effective yesterday, January 11, 2021, the civil fines for FMCSA violations have increased. The DOT final ruling announcing the increase was published in the Federal Register over the weekend.
Vermont is seeing a significant surge of new COVID-19 cases across the state. Starting November 14, 2020, Governor Scott’s Executive Order. prohibits gatherings with people from other households.