AGC/VT Open House Success
Sunday, February 4, 2024

Section: AGC/VT News

The AGC/VT open house to celebrate the reopening of the training center and organization headquarters was a complete success. Richard Wobby and staff had predicted close to 100 people with possibly 30 legislators, 40 contractors and some other friends. Well the crowd was close to double that! This was the premier event of the night in competition with several others in Montpelier happening on the same evening!

matts tour
Matt was busy giving tours of the building to show not only the improvements but the additional training space including the hands on training areas. The tour groups were 3-7 people at a time of mostly legislators interested in how the association was working towards a productive and safe workforce. The tours created opportunities to tell stories about the associations mission, outreach and dedication to not only the construction industry but commitment well beyond.
Jockey Hollow was on hand with a great spread that attendees dined on while sharing great conversations. Jockey Hollow will be an ongoing partner with AGC/VT for our trainings and events. So far event attendees have enjoyed arrays of sandwiches, pastas, pulled pork and more. One aspect of a gathering EVP Richard Wobby believes to be critical is the food.
russ and jason
Members and in this case above, AGC/VT President Jason Sicard, JP Sicard, Inc. spoke with his Senator, Russ Ingalls from the Essex County District. These interactions are critical for members to speak with elected officials because they are the ones in the field, doing the work that have the specific on site experience our elected representatives need to make decisions. 

reid presenting
Continuing the associations efforts to draw attention to Diseases of Despair we were pleased that Reid Wobby was on hand with a table to talk to attendees about our efforts to deal with mental health and drug abuse. It was well received by everyone and it was great that attendees, particularly legislators, were able to see a part of our industry usually handled privately which is our dedication to our staff. In addition to legislators other association executives were able to see the program and will bring it back to their members to save more Vermonters at risk.

Many statewide constitutional officers joined us as well. Pictured above is Secretary Lindsay Kurrle of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development. We were also pleased to welcome State Treasurer, Mike Pieciak who was excited to see the improvements to the building and the opportunities it holds for Vermont. Secretary of State, Sarah Copeland Hanzas also joined the party and spent time talking to members about how Vermont can improve its systems and programs for the many different kinds of businesses. Commissioner Jennifer Fitch of Buildings and General Services came with her crew to celebrate the years of relations between the organization and agency. Also, Governor Phil Scott was welcomed by the crowd to talk about flood recovery and the industry at large.
richard and jennifer
governor and richard
John and crew