Burgers and Brews- Its a wrap!
Sunday, October 1, 2023
Section: AGC/VT News

The AGC/VT 2023 Burgers and Brews tour is a wrap. While we were disappointed that the weather forced us to cancel the first installment at Casella Construction we pushed forward with our Montpelier and Williston installments.

The staff at AGC/VT worked hard to get the home base in Montpelier to bring back our space from the floods in July. Finishing just days before the event, they had moved their desks and work needs out of the garage and back into their offices. This was thanks to the hard work of many contractors and HP Cummings to get the wet damaged materials out of the building, drywall reinstalled, painted and ready to return albeit offices are still awaiting flooring and some minor trim projects. We even scrambled to get our monument to Vermonts construction workers installed outside. The AGC/VT garage was sent back to entertainment mode with many tables, high tops, the Casella grill and of course the AGC/VT tap system. Master Chef Mike Casella turned out the burgers and other delights and members, state workers and our own Governor joined us. The culmination of the event was an address by Governor Phil Scott congratulating AGC/VT members on the success of the organization and winning national awards three years in a row.

The next installment was at Woods CRW in Williston. The facility was amazing with fresh clean gear set up and many members enjoying the sun over some great conversation. With the grill hot and brews flowing we had a great time talking about the summers work and successes members had over the year. Several legislators stopped by to take a tour of the facilities. The purpose of the tour for the legislators was to learn more about how a local authorized equipment dealer works, supports their customers and helps them get back on the road or a project fast. The AGC/VT lobbying team and Chris Palmer from Woods CRW participated in legislation last year known as "right to repair". Although the bill has not yet passed and included language preserving the local authorize retailers we felt it was important that they see first hand the inventory, expertise and ease of access to customers that these professional companies present which is in contrast to testimony from "right to repair" advocates. It appeared that much was learned on the tour and the legislators had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the transition to electric drive equipment. Representative Edye Graning of the House Commerce committee even took the opportunity to operate a mini electric powered excavator. 


Now that we are through our summer events we look forward to putting together an amazing program for our annual meeting that we look forward to every year in December!