Six Inches Off the Ground
Friday, August 13, 2021

Section: AGC/VT News

Editor’s Note: It’s been quite the adventure at the AGC/VT offices this year, and perhaps no one has had as close a view as Rosie, our every-faithful four-legged greeter, guardian, and champion of contractors and associates. So we decided to hand the mid-year review column to Rosie so you can get her take on what’s happened at AGC/VT and what’s in store for the remaining months.
Last year, was really tough. With so few members and friends of the association coming through our front door, my treats per day ratio really tanked. But I couldn’t believe how quickly everyone changed directions and adapted to more virtual, remote work. And I can’t believe how fast Richard and Matt and some members created and rolled out that COVID Safety Plans.

Who could have imagined that our association would end up leading the charge, helping all industries and sectors create their own COVID Safety Plans? Who could have imagined that our industry would end up having one of the lowest infection rates? Who could have imagined we would have one of the highest vaccination rates in all sectors?

Me, that’s who.

When you stand guard at the door and sweep training classrooms as often as I have, for as many years as I’ve done it, you get to know people really well. And I know our members and the people in this industry—they’re top-notch people, who believe in hard work, safety, and looking out for each other.

Thankfully, 2021 has seen a lot of changes. Most importantly for me, my treats per day ratio have increased substantially. That has a lot to do with the hybrid training program Richard and Deb rolled out in January. No, we didn’t have 100% in-person attendance, but those were the safety guidelines that Governor Scott put on everyone to keep us safe from the virus.

Still, members and non-members have flocked to our hybrid, in-person and online, training courses. I overheard Deb tell Richard that by July, we already had more people go through our hybrid program than we had all last year. And we still have five more months to go! Deb says there are some training programs coming in the fall, and members can still reserve our training facility to host safety days or refresher courses just for their workforce.
Our training facility has seen a lot of action this year, and it’s not just from us. There’s this group called the Fuel Dealers Association and they rent our training rooms too. They’ve had a lot of meetings this year, but that’s okay with me. They have this one guy who gives me double the treats.
It hasn’t been just the training programs that have kept this dog busy.

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