AGC/VT Releases Career Road Map
Friday, February 25, 2022
Section: AGC/VT News

AGC/VT contractors have consistently ranked recruiting and retaining skilled workers as two of their top human resources priorities. At the same time, individuals struggle to find avenues out of occupations that offer little opportunity for advancement and into those that improve their skills, pay a family-sustaining wage, and offer upward mobility. AGC/VT’s Career map is a solution to this overlapping labor market problem: the need for better ways to recruit, retain, and advance workers.
The term career map refers to a set of occupations that are linked together by common or complementary skills; these linkages provide workers with opportunities to advance, and they expand the recruitment opportunities for employers. Career maps bring order to an often-chaotic decision to satisfy both an employer’s need for skilled labor and a worker’s need to advance.
The team at AGC/VT has just created a new dynamic recruitment tool. This tool can be used by recruiters, students, teachers, guidance counselors, and anyone looking for a career in construction. The map is a way to make a concrete connection to anyone you're trying to recruit. The images are of our members and people doing real work in Vermont. If a picture is worth a thousand words this map is worth a hundred thousand words. The brochure contains dynamic inspiring images of construction projects in Vermont, average wages for construction jobs and a map that can outline potential career paths. The map also directs people to the Vermont construction jobs website in a number of ways and reinforces the value of the Associated General Contractors of Vermont.

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