Standing Committees

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VTRANS Secretary Joe Flynn meeting with the AGC/VT Highway and Bridge Committee

The Executive Committee promotes and guides the Membership Development Program, 
determines new member benefits, develops educational programs, and coordinates activities
concerning insurance needs and tax matters.

This Committee is a forum for the highway and bridge contractor members to coordinate on issues of
interest. They also maintain working relationships with the Vermont Agency of Transportation, and will
review and provide recommendationson contract documents, and material specifications related
to highway work.

Members sitting on the Legislative Committee develop and recommend policy positions on legislative
initiatives and bills that impact the construction industry. This Committee also is charged with activating
the membership to respond to legislative bills and carries out other legislative initiatives.

This Committee coordinates activities for building contractors, and establishes relationships with other
organizations and agencies connected to the industry. This includes the Vermont Chapter of the
American Institute of Architects, contract awarding agencieslike the Vermont Transportation Agency,
and major building owners in the state. It also is the go-to body for comments and feedback regarding
changes to contract document specifications and building codes.

The focus for this Committee is on developing and implementing educational opportunities for
members in the areas of safety and health issues, personnel management and professional
development, and skills training for employees. The Committee works closely with the
Vocational & Technical Centers and various state agencies to help fulfill industry and next generation activities.

The Associate Committee shall provide a forum to coordinate the activities of the Associate and
Professional Affiliate members of the Association; organize educational professional
programs and seminars utilizing the talent and knowledge of members coordinate displays at
meetings; provide a channel of communication for Associate and Professional Affiliate members.

This Workforce Development Committee shall determine the needs and develop programs to recruit
both traditional and non-traditional workers into the construction industry. The committee
will create partnerships between Vocational & Technical Centers as well as other educational
programs in order to ensure a future workforce for the betterment of the industry as well as Association.