Employee Retention Shines
Friday, April 8, 2022
Section: AGC/VT News

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In today’s market, recruiting new talent generates a lot of focus, but equally important is what happens after new hires join the team. Retaining talent has become a priority for many businesses and it’s a critical part of AGC/VT’s Workforce Development Plan.
To help members in advance of the busy season, the Association partnered with Catamount Consulting to host a 7-week series on best practices to retaining talent, covering topics such as how to onboard new hires, a 90-day plan, skill training, coaching and mentoring, engagement and participation, responsibility enhancement, and performance review.
Each session began with a presentation from the Catamount team and ended with an open question and answer discussion.
“The series was a great opportunity for us to share content that we are passionate about,” said Scott McKenna, President of Catamount Consulting, a national safety training and consulting firm that also offers leadership and supervisor development training.
“It gave us an opportunity to dive deeper into relevant and impactful information for safe and successful operations. When you lead from the heart and put time and effort into building relationships with your team, you can take your company to a completely new level of safety and success.”
Each weekly session, hosted at lunchtime, consistently drew about 40 people, and every question-and-answer session was filled with constructive conversation and dialogue between attendees and the Catamount team. 
“The turnout and interest prove that many of the ‘old ways or approaches’ that have been used in the contracting industry are becoming less effective,” said McKenna. “It seems contractors are eagerly seeking opportunities to improve the industry, not just within the hard skills space, but the soft skills space as well.
To read the full 7-part employee retention series recap, and to learn more powerful strategies to keep your workforce engaged, check out the April/May edition of The Build Board and CLICK HERE for a link to the recordings.