2022 AGC/VT Annual Meeting Virtual Day

2022 AGC/VT Annual Meeting Virtual Agenda- December 6, 2022
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Opening w/ Congressman Peter Welch
Sponsor- Kubricky Construction Corp.
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9:00-9:30am BREAK
Capital Spending and Budgeting
Commissioner Jennifer Fitch, Joe Aja &
David DiBiase
Sponsor- DEW Construction Corp.
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Everybody, Somebody, Anybody: Who’s Job is Safety?
Dan Whipple, Bailey Thibault & Karl Hayden
Sponsor- Marshall Tire Group, Inc.
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10:30-11:00am BREAK

Where’s the Beef? Where is all the Infrastructure money going?
Sec. Joe Flynn & Katie Thomson, USDOT
Sponsor- Lafayette Highway Specialties
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What you should know about DigSafe
David Attig & Lisa Faso
Sponsor- Vermont Gas Systems
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12:00-12:30pm BREAK

2022 Final AGC/VT Board of Directors Meeting
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