You Never Know

traffic-enforcement-i-89-const-zoneThe Inspectors working in the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section of the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles are continually expecting the unexpected . . . from saving lives to apprehending wanted individuals.

Last month we talked about an inspector saving the life of an infant in southern Vermont. Now segue to an inspector exercising his police authority during a traffic stop.

It all happened earlier this month when, according to the weekly CVE Section report, an inspector observed a passenger vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed in excess of the speed limit. The report goes on:

“The Inspector conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle. A records check of the operator indicated that her license was under civil suspension for insurance. A passenger in the vehicle asked the Inspector if he would run his driver’s license to see if it was reinstated so that he could drive the vehicle from the scene. A check of the passenger’s license indicated that it was currently under suspension and that he had an active arrest warrant from the Burlington Police Department for Assault and Robbery. A second Inspector was called to assist and the male passenger was taken into custody without incident on the arrest warrant. The passenger was processed and transported to the Southern State Correctional Facility. The operator was given three tickets for speeding, driving under suspension, and operating without valid insurance. The vehicle was towed from the scene.”

You never know…