Woof: A Peek Inside the AGC/VT Office

Editor’s Note: We thought we’d give you a look inside the AGC/VT walls from a unique AGC/VT’s four-legged greeter, guardian, and ever-faithful champion of contractors: Rosie. Here’s what a typical day at the AGC/VT offices look like for Rosie.


It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, Deb Armstrong gives me a ride to work. We get into the offices real early, between 6am-6:30am. We’re the first to show up. I like it that way. Gives me time to sniff the mailbox and patrol the parking lot. Richard rolls in shortly after. I get two treats from him as soon as he walks in. Matt usually gets in next. That’s another two treats for me.

Once I’ve got my treats, I’m off helping Deb. This time of the year, it’s all about training. We just kicked off our season on January 21. We host a lot of trainings throughout the year, but January to April is peak season.

There’s a lot for me to do. First, I help Deb lay out the food. She brings in some good stuff like coffee, bagels, muffins, or donuts. I stand guard under the table, in case some food falls, I gotta be there to clean up. Deb likes the room neat and tidy.

Not too long after, I start to hear the door open. That’s my cue. I race to see who’s coming into our building. If they’re a friendly, I give three barks. More than three barks…that’s a bad a sign.

By the time the class starts, our training room is filled, and I’m pretty tired. I’ve cleared for entry between 40-50 people. Some days, I’ve had 70-75 people go through my security check point, and sometimes we have two trainings happening. Between the fuel dealers and the contractors, they keep me pretty busy. I manage, but I really like it when the class size stays around 50-55.


To learn more about what it looks like inside the AGC/VT office during training season, check out the next edition of The BuildBoard out on February 15, 2020.