What a Ride: A Year in Review

   It’s easy to write goals, to slip words onto a page that share a vision for what an organization could become. It’s another thing to have that vision turn into reality, which is the enviable position AGC/VT finds itself in today.
   “We have achieved in one year, what I had expected would take us two years to accomplish,” shares Richard. “I am so proud of the hard work, dedication, and commitment of the AGC/VT team and our members.”
   So, what exactly has been achieved? What differences have been made? How has the organization grown? In the next edition of the Build Board, we review the ride that has been the past year. We look at how the organization has strengthened and grown the three legged-stool of membership and services, legislative and regulatory affairs, and workforce development and training.
   We’re talking membership growth of 10 percent. Legislative achievements. New sold-out training classes. Assisting members with OSHA and VOSHA challenges. And over 50,000 unique engagements with members, industry professionals, government officials, and the public-all handled by just four full-time, and one part-time staff.
   To read more about the organization’s impressive growth, check out The Build Board, out on October 15.