Vermont DMV Inspector Saves Baby’s Life

Law enforcement in Vermont is constantly prepared for the unexpected. Quick, timely and effective reaction is necessary for virtually every incident that could be life threatening or life altering. Law enforcement personnel in Vermont are required to participate in extensive training exercises just to be ready for any occurrence. That training paid off recently in an incident in southern Vermontcruiser-2

Included in a weekly report from the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section of the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles, was this very understated report:

“An Inspector was driving through a parking lot when he observed a mother holding a little child. When the mother saw the cruiser, she came running toward him and said her child was choking. The Inspector administered first aid and dislodged the item the child was choking on. The child regained normal breathing.”

Sounds very dry and routine until we realize that Inspector has saved a life!!

All in a day’s work? Maybe, but don’t tell the mother that. All she knows that a uniformed law enforcement officer saved the life of her child.