Vermont Voters Connect

We are closing in on the end of the legislative session and the House has passed out their budgets which include the changes noted below. These increases are happening at a time that Vermonters are still recovering from the pandemic, the resulting inflation from increased Federal spending, supply shortages, costs of food and necessities exploding. Now is not the time to raise costs on Vermonters and these sweeping changes are happening all at once. Its time to contact your legislators and tell them not to add to the financial burdens of Vermonters.

We want to be sure you understand the cumulative impact of all the costs being proposed this legislative session for 2024/2025 and what it will mean for you: 
Policy: How its being paid:
Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance  .55% Payroll Tax Split Between Employer and Employee
Child Care and Parental Leave Increase to 10% corporate income tax, all personal income brackets up 1/2%, EITC to 59%
DMV Fee Increases 20% across the board increases
Licensing Fees Most fees increase
Affordable Heat Standard Unknown costs to set up program and estimated 70 cent per gallon or more increase in fuel costs 
*** Increases will be updated as these change and eventually pass/fail

Update: A policy that would prevent DMV from suspending drivers licenses for the unpaid traffic tickets for anyone will eliminate a $10 per ticket fee which currently benefits a Womens rape crisis fund as projected by economists. To replace the anticipated loss of dollars for a critical fund will be replaced by an increase to the cost of a marriage license......

Also in play:
- Cloud Tax
- Service Tax
- Expansion of Sales Tax

We have created this website for you so that you can learn about these changes, know how to reach your Representatives and Senators and what they need to hear from you. The links below will the ability to contact your legislators and report back what you have heard and how we can help. We want you to reach out and tell your legislator how increases in the cost of living are impacting your families and that legislators should throw out the increases and move forward with Governor Scotts balanced budget that addresses most of the legislators budget. It would be extremely helpful for you to share your results so we have created a form to do so by clicking the link below. PLEASE KEEP YOUR DISCUSSIONS CIVIL AND NICE AS MOST OF THESE PEOPLE ARE WORKING HARD FOR YOU ALREADY!