Use New Tool to Demonstrate How BAC Levels Can Remain Elevated

   Most people think they are good to drive a few hours after they have consumed drinks. Our new training tool demonstrates how your blood alcohol level can remain elevated long after you have stopped drinking.
   While engaged in this exercise, you will meet RuthAnn, who joins friends for drinks on Thursday night. They gather to celebrate the coming of an end to another work week. Her BAC remains elevated when she departs the house on Friday morning.
   Try this with employees at your workplace: It’s a matter of time …
   In 2016, alcohol-related crashes resulted from 189 fatalities statewide, according to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office. Of the 189 fatalities, 150 were drivers, 29 were passengers and 10 were pedestrians.
   Impaired driving occurs when a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle has been compromised by alcohol or drugs. Research indicates concentration, judgment and reaction time can be affected after one drink.
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