Unlock Lug Nut Mystery with Fully Stocked Emergency Supply Kit

   Our Driving Concern Senior Program Manager Lisa Robinson speaks to issues and concerns all employers face when trying to make their workforce safe on the road.
   Q: What happens when you purchase a used vehicle, discover you need to replace two tires and can’t find the key to unlock the lug nuts?
   A: Yes, it happened to me. I took my vehicle to a tire specialty shop. The employees knew what they were looking for and where to look, yet it took them some time to find the key. My key was on a shelf in the glove compartment. A call to the dealership service department is how I learned some lug nut keys are stashed in the tire well with the spare tire. Also, several manufacturers make universal locking lug nut removal tools.
   I wondered: How prepared am I for a roadside emergency if I can’t change a flat tire because the lug nuts on my vehicle are locked? How prepared are you for a travel incident? Your staff? Your family? This is a good time of year to talk about roadside safety because many employees travel for vacation during the summer months.
   Every vehicle should have an emergency supply kit. Store the kit in your trunk or a truck compartment. Be sure to check the kit every six months. Replace expired items. Some emergency supplies to include:
  • A properly inflated spare tire, wheel wrench and tripod jack (these items no longer come standard in all vehicles)
  • Jumper cables
  • First aid kit with gauze, tape, bandages, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, blanket, non-latex gloves, scissors, hydrocortisone, thermometer, tweezers, and instant cold compress
  • Drinking water
  • Non-perishable, high-energy foods such as unsalted nuts, dried fruits, and hard candy
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Duct tape
   Be sure to add family members and emergency phone numbers to your cell phone contact list. Also include your insurance provider and a towing company. And, if you have locking lug nuts, get a spare key and keep it in your emergency supply kit.