Top 6 Reasons for Being a Member AGC/VT and VIECA, we know that no business has to join our organization. Members choose to be a part of our community. But why? What drives membership? What is the return on investment that belonging to an organization provides? How do our organizations help members to improve their businesses, to make the industry better, and to create a stronger state?

These are just some of the questions we’ve been posing to members like Steve Wilk, President of Wilk Paving, and Michael McLaughlin, President of Bread Loaf Corporation.

Top 6 Reasons for Being a Member

  1. Opportunities to Grow Your Business. “Forging relationships with contractors and other industry professionals has been invaluable for our company and our business growth,” says Steve Wilk, President, Wilk Paving. “We’ve had opportunities to both be discovered by other contractors and to discover talented, respectable companies we can partner with, and that’s because we’re connected as AGC/VT members.”
  2. Up-To-Date Information on Laws, Rules and Regulations. “AGC Vermont has the pulse on what potential laws, rules, and regulation changes could impact the industry,” explained Michael McLaughlin, President, Bread Loaf Corporation. They do a great job of keeping track of everything. I depend on the organization to keep me updated on what’s going on.”

For Steve, the resources and information he gains from AGC/VT is invaluable. “The AGC/VT team are very knowledgeable,” he says. “I can call the office with any regulation question and they have an answer, or they can point me to where I can find it.”

  1. World-Class Safety Training. “AGC/VT is a powerful resource for workplace safety,” said Michael. “I get the newsletters and email blasts and I make it a priority to disseminate critical information into my team’s hands, be it our human resource dept. safety director, project managers or field personnel.”
  2. Knowledge Sharing Between Members. “The organization is about bringing the best contractors and industry professionals together in supportive environments. It’s a sanity check when I can talk about some of our everyday problems, and I hear from other AGC members that they have them too. It’s been extremely helpful to bounce ideas off of others.”
  3. Exclusive Information and Resources Only Found at AGC/VT. “I’ve been exposed to so much information that I never would have if I wasn’t a member,” says Steve. “It’s information on safety, regulations and rules, and best practices for how to make our job sites and workers safer. Everything I learn through AGC helps my team ensure we complete projects to the highest quality while keeping our sites safe.”
  4. Commitment to Improving the Construction Industry. “When you’re a member of AGC/VT, you are part of an inclusive club of fellow construction professionals who are committed to not only improving their businesses, but the entire industry.”

Check out the next edition of The Build Board (out in mid-October) to hear from more members on why they choose to be a part of the AGC/VT and VIECA communities.