The Key Role of Construction in Each State’s Economy

AGC has compiled data on the role of the construction in the economy and employment in the United States, each state and major metro areas. Find your state here.
   Each fact sheet presents:
  • The construction industry’s share of US and state gross domestic product
  • US and state construction industry wages and salaries
  • Several data points on US and state construction spending put in place and starts
  • Graphs, a table and bullet points on US, state and metro construction employment history and recent trends
  • Percent of firms in the US (and state, if sufficient number of firms responded) that reported difficulty filling hourly craft positions in AGC’s latest Workforce Survey
  • Comparison of construction industry average (mean) pay to all private-sector average in the US and state; table showing five most numerous construction occupations in the state and their median pay relative to all employees in the state
  • Number and percent of construction firms in the US and state that had fewer than 20 employees
  • Links to sources, each of which has additional detail or other relevant information