Taking Today’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for a Test Ride

   What is it like to experience how automatic emergency braking works in a semi on collision course with a parked pickup? In a SafetyFirst blog post, National Safety Council writer and National Child Passenger Safety Board digital content manager Ron Kremer describes how collision mitigation technology works in big rigs.
   He was invited to sit in the cab and participate in a demonstration at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL. He learned how today’s technology is designed to assist drivers, not replace them.
   “Think of it as two heads working as one to provide drivers more information, earlier alerts and allow for emergency intervention,” Kremer writes.
   He adds, “Research points to the game-changing potential of advanced driver assistance systems, which, while not yet government-mandated in commercial trucks, are becoming standard in new truck series.”
   Lives can be saved, injuries reduced and property damage minimized. “In turn, operating expenses will go down,” Kremer writes. “That’s a great return on investment all fleet owners can get excited about.”