Summer Travel Reminder: Why It’s Important to Buckle Up in the Back Seat

   Rear-seat passengers are three times more likely to die in a crash if they are unbelted, according to research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In 2016, NHTSA found:
  • 900 unrestrained rear-seat occupants age 8 and older died in motor vehicle crashes
  • More than 450 likely would have survived had they buckled up
   Summer is a time when many of your employees will use vacation time and travel. To prepare them for riding in vehicles they may not be accustomed to – cabs or ride-sharing vehicles – introduce the “Make it Click” traffic safety campaign produced by Uber and the Governors Highway Safety Association.
   The campaign is a call to action reminding drivers and passengers of the importance of wearing seat belts, even when taking a cab or using a ride-share service.
   “Increasing belt use – particularly in the backseat – is one of the most persistent challenges for states,” GHSA Executive Director Jonathan Adkins said.
   Among adults who admit to not always using safety belts in the back seat, four out of five surveyed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety say short trips or traveling by taxi or ride-hailing service are times they don’t bother to use the belt.
IIHS also found:
  • Adults (35 to 54) were the least likely to always buckle up in the back seat
  • Women were more likely than men to buckle up in the back seat
  • Adults who attended college were more likely to buckle up in the back seat than those with less education