Study: Truckers Less Likely to Be Belted in Lighter Traffic

In a study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, seat belt use by drivers of medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses rose from 84% in 2013 to 86% in 2016. The important thing for employers, including fleet owners and fleet managers, to note:

  • Usage rates were higher on expressways (89%) compared to surface streets (83%)
  • Safety belt use in heavy traffic (86%) continues to be higher than in light traffic (83%)

More people are killed in rural crashes, according to the US Department of Transportation. One reason: It takes medical responders longer to reach crash scenes. In 2016, 1,942 people died in rural crashes on state roads compared to 1,831 on urban roads.

Seat belts save lives and can save your organization money. The average workplace motor vehicle crash costs $24,000. That figure climbs to $125,000 if an employee is injured and could top $500,000 if an employee is killed.