Speed: What is the Need?

Just when you thought that some motorists would be aware that speeding is against the law, you learn that that is not necessarily so. Take, for example, routine reports from the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section of the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.
   Early last month DMV Inspectors issued seven speeding tickets to motorists in Vermont highways. The isspeed-cartoon-2sue is not so much that seven speeders where ticketed – it’s who they are, or who they represent.
   Early in September an Inspector stopped a school bus for speeding on I-89 in South Burlington. The bus was contracted to transport UVM Medical Center Staff from the hospital’s parking areas.
   On another occasion, an Inspector ticketed a motor vehicle operator for speeding at 94 mph on I-89 while passing the Inspector’s marked cruiser!!
   The very next day an Inspector stopped an automobile on I-89 in Middlesex. The car was speeding past the marked cruiser while talking on a hand-held cell phone!! The driver was ticketed.
   Construction work zones were not spared driver’s indiscretions either. An Inspector recently stopped two commercial motor vehicles for speeding through a work zone plus a passenger vehicle whose driver was talking on a cell phone.
   Incidentally, the average speeding violation was about 20 mph over the speed limit.