10 Safe Driving Resolutions

So, the New Year holiday rapidly came and went. Many of your employees will be talking about resolutions. Why not suggest they think about a resolution that is as good as or better than making a commitment to the gym? How about committing to safer driving?
   For some, this might require large behavior changes. For others, small changes can make big differences. Some tips to share for safety resolutions that will help get your employees off to the right start in 2019:
  • Cut out distractions (including eating and personal grooming)
  • Drive defensively and do not depend or rely on other drivers to watch out for you
  • Follow the three- to four-second spacing rule and don’t tailgate
  • Keep your speed down and drive to conditions
  • Pay attention and be aware of your surroundings
  • Put the cell phone away while driving
  • Stay calm behind the wheel
  • Think safety first
  • When going out with co-workers, family members or friends, plan ahead for a designated driver
   One more resolution to put on the radar of your employees: Get more sleep. Driving fatigued is like driving impaired. Research shows adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to reach peak performance levels, but 30% report averaging less than 6 hours, according to a National Health Interview Survey. Getting a good night’s sleep helps you be more alert behind the wheel, boosts productivity and provides good overall health benefits. A lack of sleep leads to poor job performance and can result in drowsy driving.