Safe Driving Practices for Employees

You are your employer’s most valuable asset! The way
that you drive says everything about you and your
company. Make a positive statement by following these
work-related safe driving practices.

Stay Safe
• Use a seat belt at all times – driver and passenger(s).
• Be well-rested before driving.
• Avoid taking medications that make you drowsy.
• Set a realistic goal for the number of miles that you
can drive safely each day.
• If you are impaired by alcohol or any drug, do not drive.

Stay Focused
• Driving requires your full attention. Avoid distractions,
such as adjusting the radio or other controls, eating or
drinking, and talking on the phone.
• Continually search the roadway to be alert to situations
requiring quick action.
• Stop about every two hours for a break. Get out of the
vehicle to stretch, take a walk, and get refreshed.

Avoid Aggressive Driving
• Keep your cool in traffic!
• Be patient and courteous to other drivers.
• Do not take other drivers’ actions personally.
• Reduce your stress by planning your route ahead of
time (bring the maps and directions), allowing plenty
of travel time, and avoiding crowded roadways and
busy driving times.