Reducing Safety Violations While Making Work Zones Safer

Amanda Ibey, Writer / Editor
   Contractors are dealing with a perfect storm come this peak construction season. Just as they must find ways to improve work zone safety when road closures or temporary traffic control plans are necessary, they also face greater scrutiny from OSHA/VOSHA and/or MSHA inspectors.
   Richard Wobby, executive vice president at AGC/VT, estimates the industry will see about 100 construction sites fined, resulting in approximately 2.2 violations per job site with each violation costing about $2,000 each.
   “With the new technology and data available to inspectors, they can now pinpoint the exact weeks and months when the safety risks are particularly high on a specific jobsite,” explains Richard. “This allows them to plan their visits accordingly.”
   And what’s the first potential safety issue that an inspector will see? Traffic control.
   “The first thing an inspector notices, is whether you have properly spaced traffic signs and advanced warnings,” says Patrick. “I’ve been told by inspectors that if they see improperly placed signs, then they usually think, ‘If the contractor can’t take five minutes to evenly space signs, then most likely they’re cutting safety corners throughout the rest of the work zone.'”
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