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Project RoadSafe is one of several workplace safety programs produced by Associated General Contractors of Vermont.

Focusing on the safety of employees who drive for work, RoadSafe helps AGC/VT members and the Vermont business community understands the value of safe driving. Data show that motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of fatal workplace injuries. The cost of crashes, especially when they involve major injury or death, far exceeds all expectations, and at times, may cause a business to dissolve.

Project RoadSafe, as the only National Safety Council (NSC) certified training center in Vermont, uses two driver-safety programs from the NSC as part of our overall workplace driver safety curriculum.

Course Offerings

Alive @ 25

Taught to juniors and seniors at high school Technical Career Centers in Vermont. Many students have chosen careers that may eventually require them to drive for work. This program helps them understand the importance of being safe on the highway while conducting company business.

Alive @ 25 is a four-hour instructor-led course that demonstrates how young drivers can take greater responsibility for their driving behavior. This program focuses on behavior, judgment, decision making, and consequences and provides tools for making positive choices. The Alive program also addresses the number one cause of drivers age 15 – 24: motor vehicle crashes.

Businesses that adopt the Alive at 25 program as their young adult driver safety training program show their commitment to safety for employees, their families and the public. This training can also help to improve an organization’s bottom line, lower worker’s compensation insurance costs, decrease fleet premiums, reduce liability exposure and create a culture of safety.

This course is available in 30 minute, one-hour, two-hour and four-hour classes.

Alive @ 25 class at Cold Hollow Career Center in Enosburg Falls, VT.

The Defensive Driving Course


Offers practical strategies to reduce collision-related injuries and fatalities.

Offered exclusively to AGC/VT members, this four-hour, certified course has set the standard in the industry for more than 40 years, and continues to improve driver behaviors. Corporate benefits of the Defensive Driving course include:

  • Potential reduction of collisions, safety violations and employee injuries
  • Certificates of completion for each attendee who completes the course
  • Many insurance companies offer a reduction in their automobile insurance rate upon completion of this course. (Contact your insurance company to find out if this is an option.)
  • Courses are conducted at the NSC sanctioned training center at AGC/VT headquarters by NSC Certified Instructors.

This course is available in a four-hour class.

DDC-4 class at J.P. Sicard in Barton, VT

Other Training Courses

Other training courses offered by Project RoadSafe include:

  • One-hour general driver safety refresher course
  • One-hour driver safety training as part of OSHA training
  • One-hour driver safety training as part of MSHA training

Location: The AGC/VT Training Center, the Northeast Regional Safety Academy is located at the AGC/VT offices at 1 Graves Street in Montpelier.

Additional Services

Other services provided by Project RoadSafe include:

  • A monthly electronic newsletter to individual businesses, business organizations, private and public safety officials, and the news media.
  • Brochures targeting company, hardware, and human costs of workplace traffic crashes.
  • Assist employers to promote workplace traffic safety policies targeting distracted driving, occupant protection and impaired driving.

If you would like to request a workplace driver-safety training session (FREE OF CHARGE), or need assistance to create a better workplace driver safety plan, please contact:

Aimee Ziter, Director
AGC/VT Project RoadSafe
Associated General Contractors of Vermont
PO Box 750, 1 Graves Street
Montpelier, VT 05601
TEL: 802-223-2374
FAX: 802-223-1809