Professional Auto Racier Buckles Up for Safety

A Vermont motor sport participant has linked up with the Vermont Governor’s Highway Safety Program to promote the use of seatbelts by all occupants of motor vehicles. This particular connection is all the more noteworthy because it involves a 15-year old stock car racer who is trying to influence the general public and other young drivers to use seatbelts when driving or riding in a motor vehicle.

Evan Hollstrom and his Camry Late-Model Race Car

Evan Hallstrom, who pilots a late model race car for his family-owned team, Hallstrom Motorsports, said he is very excited to be partnering with GHSP for the 2017 racing season. “It’s always all about safety,” he said, “whether I’m on the race track or on the highway. Everyone who is a passenger or a driver of a motor vehicle should be thinking about safety when they are on the highway, especially younger drivers who may not always be thinking about safety.”

“Personally, my number one priority is to buckle up and try to stay as safe as possible,” young Hallstrom said, “whether I’m strapped in my race car or driving down the highway. Because wearing seatbelts is something very important to me, I am very excited to work with the Governor’s Highway Safety Program and the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance with their campaign to promote and increase seat belt use across the state.”

The Governor’s Highway Safety Program is a federally funded program that facilitates and supports, with federal grants, a statewide network to promote safe driving behavior on Vermont highways. The goal of the program is to provide a safe, reliable and multimodal transportation system that promotes Vermont’s quality of life and economic well-being.

Since Vermont is not a primary seatbelt state (meaning an unbelted driver cannot be stopped just for than offense), GHSP Program Coordinator, Jim Baraw, said, “We are making every effort to educate the motoring public that seatbelts save lives. We believe our partnership with Evan will be very fruitful, especially among the younger drivers in Vermont.”

Vermont Highway Safety Alliance Coordinator Evelyn McFarlane noted that Evan clearly demonstrated his desire to support the program in his conversations with his peers about the all the positives of wearing a seatbelt when riding or driving a motor vehicle. “Evan really believes in making seatbelt safety a behavior and a habit,” she said.

Evan will be taking part in several educational programs this summer, not only as an advocate of seat belt safety, but as a peer as well. “It really doesn’t make any difference whether it is a short distance or a long ride,” Evan said, “crashes can happen any time and seatbelts can safe lives.”