Pro Driver



   Why should drivers take this course?…The average driver typically does not do more than what is absolutely necessary when they get in their truck. During this 4 hour, instructor lead course attendees gain knowledge of State and Federal regulations, load securement, DOT inspections, how to handle them, CSA scores, how to handle accidents, employer liability, air brakes, pre/post trip inspections and much more. This course enhances the knowledge and production of Vermont CDL drivers and helps employers understand the importance of following DOT State and Federal Motor Carrier regulations in order to convey a SAFE, COMPLIANT, PRODUCTIVE fleet in and out of State travel. Drivers are trained on improving best practices, defensive driving, alcohol/drugs, helping the Company CSA score and what negatively effects it, eliminate unnecessary fines, help pass audits/inspections, along with helping HR staff understand their part in compliance regarding Driver Qualification files, what’s required and Company Fleet Safety policy’s. Emphasis is placed on drivers that they are Professional Drivers, and in turn held to a higher standard of safety and driving etiquette. The job should be taken seriously as injures to drivers and other road users can happen with careless driving; and DOT officers should be treated with respect. We go through a mock crash scene to discuss with the group what they think the “fatal driver” could say to other drivers. “I should have been safe! I should have paid attention in that training! I should have done a through pre trip! I shouldn’t have driven when I was so tired! Speeding didn’t get me anywhere, except not home to my family.” Our goal is to help drivers understand the risk factors in driving a CMV, handling roadside inspections, the levels of inspections, attitudes, clean cabs and the message it portrays to DOT, road rage, aggressive driving, pre-trips, speeding, cell phone, seat belts and what responsibilities belong to them, the employers and the office.

   What’s the return on investment?… Keep in mind that your drivers are your company representatives and your trucks are a billboard of who you are and what you do. Their safe operation is out there for the whole world to see. Regardless of the time constraints, the professional driver must make the time to do what the average driver does not do. Training drivers to improve best practices, will help your CSA score, eliminate unnecessary fines, help pass audits/inspections, along with help HR staff understand their part in compliance regarding Driver Qualification files, Fleet Safety policy’s, and much more!

Register drivers and company staff today, to gain knowledge during this 4-hour informational packed course! Each attendee will receive their own Professional Truck Driver Guidebook; personally designed by AGC stocked full of information, and used during the training. Contact us for more details 802-223-2374.