Open enrollment for 2020 health insurance plans

   Open enrollment has begun for 2020 health insurance plans and closes mid-December. Its important to note that the Federal and State governments have moved to close all association health plans. Their reasoning for the termination of these plans was based on the insurer’s inability to “look through” the association plans to determine risk and set rates. Associations and Chambers of Commerce testified at the state house urging the legislature to allow the plans to continue but in the end were unsuccessful.
   AGC/VT will continue to build coalitions to fight for the return of association health plans. We realize the enormous cost of complying with federal regulations and personal responsibilities under the “Affordable Care Act” passed in 2010 and are actively seeking alternatives. Some people have expressed frustration with the changes to their health insurance options and we recommend they reach out to their local and federal representatives to ask that the system be improved.
   There are several ways to seek health insurance and the first call would be to a local broker. An insurance broker will have the tools to help you seek the right options for your organization within the existing market. Additionally, if an employer would prefer to look at the market themselves, they could call one of the providers available in Vermont. In the event employers do not offer coverage, individuals can also contact providers, or if they meet certain income levels may qualify for coverage discounts through the Vermont Health Connect the states exchange program. If an individual does not qualify for discounts, contacting a provider may be the best avenue to avoid a 3rd party involved in the process. Below is contact information for Vermont’s providers and exchange program.
MVP Health Care Vermont- (802) 264-6500
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont- (800) 247-2583
Vermont Health Connect (exchange)-