Why One Health Insurer is Pushing for Mindfulness Training

doctor-563428_640No, this isn’t happening in Vermont, but one health insurer believes adding mindfulness training can improve worker health and reduce employers’ costs.

Humana, the Louisville, Kentucky, based insurer says it’s adding eMindful Inc.’s online mindfulness training program as an option for employer health plans. Humana is one of the nation’s largest publicly traded health and supplemental benefits companies, with approximately 11.4 million medical members.

eMindful Inc., a Florida-based company, offers online training that focuses on increasing awareness of unhealthy habits that might lead to poorer health and decreased productivity.

“Mindfulness must be interwoven among all our wellness offerings to include not only physical health but also emotional, financial and social well-being,”Kristine Mullen, vice president of Humana Wellness, said in a news release. “We want to impact lifestyle changes in employees and at the same time use validated instruments to measure outcomes for the employer.”

If you’re interested in learning more about where the health care industry may be headed, check out this article in the Louisville Business Journal.