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OSHA responded to employers’ question about the use of headphones to listen to music on construction sites: there is no rule prohibiting headphone use, but there are identified hazards and risks employers should consider. Music is integral to our lives. We listen to it on the way to and from work,

By Fred Hosier The cries for less government have become more frequent these days, including in reader comments on this website when OSHA ramps up enforcement or rulemaking. One frequent argument is that OSHA’s regulations hurt the U.S. economy. A recent article in the Idaho Statesman by an economist takes a look

by Arya Hojati Construction site safety is one of the most overlooked things during a construction project. In most workplaces, accidents are a nuisance for the worker and a headache for HR. However, at construction sites, accidents have the potential to be life-threatening. With every new story about environmental disasters, earth-shattering

The legislature kicked off on January 7th with the continuation of the 2019/2020 biennium. With over 800 bills introduced in 2019 still in play and another several hundred already introduced the legislators have a lot of work ahead of them. There are the must pass bills like the state budget,

The 2020 Legislative Session is fast underway. Your Government Affairs team is already hard at work representing you and the construction industry in Montpelier. While we’re still one week away from Governor Phil Scott’s budget address (he’ll deliver that on Tuesday, January 21), we do have some predictions for this session. More

by Soona Lee | Jan 9, 2020 | ELD, Safety & Compliance   The ELD mandate has entered its final phase of compliance and the grandfathered era for AOBRDs is over. All drivers and carriers subject to the rule must use FMCSA registered ELDs. If your driver is not equipped with a

By Emma Moore, ARTBA intern American motorists continue driving billions of miles on already stressed roads and highways. The Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) latest report shows 285.1 billion total vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in October 2019, a 1 percent increase from October 2018. The FHWA also found that 2019 cumulative travel increased at

By Wayne D. Moore  Published In December 2019 If you provide fire alarm system inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM), you already know that everyone of your potential customers will be an easy sale. Why, you ask, is that premise true? The answer is simple, you don’t have to sell to them. NFPA 72,

By Mark Holan, editorial director, ARTBA ARTBA and eight other transportation-focused organizations are urging Congress to provide federal funding for automated speed enforcement in work zones, currently prohibited by provisions in the FAST Act and National Highway Safety Traffic Administration rules. “In 2017, almost 800 people were killed and 38,900 people were injured