Could New App Lead to Driver Behavior Change?

 You’ve heard the saying, “Hit ‘em where it hurts – in the pocket book.” Well, one insurance company is taking a step that could lead to driver behavior change through steeper bills.
   Allstate has developed Arity, an app that is capable of sensing whether your phone is being moved, if it is unlocked or if apps are being used while you are driving.
   The Arity app one day could be used to reward drivers for safe driving and ding others for taking risks through the adjustment of premium rates.
   “We believe that people are coachable and that by driving less aggressively, using the phone less, there are opportunities to not only give a more accurate insurance price based on choices but to give drivers more control,” Arity President Gary Hallgren said in the KSHB-TV report.
   Of course, there are legal and practical issues to consider: Arity can’t use technology to track phone use without customer approval, and insurance firms likely would need regulatory approval to use technology to set rates.