Member Profile: LD Safety Marking Corporation

For thirty years, LD Safety Marking Corporation has provided municipalities, state agencies, airports, the federal government, and private customers with all its pavement marking needs, rumble strip installation, and even temporary or permanent highway sign installation.
   According to Gray Ricker, President, the demand for pavement marking is booming. “There’s plenty of opportunity for growth outside our main market areas, which are Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine,” admits Gray. “Whether it’s cross walks, traffic lanes, or bike lanes, it shows no signs of slowing down.”
   The company, based in Barre, Vermont, provides various marking solutions from water-based paint applications to durable tape to removable tape to polyurea to thermoplastic applications. Gray’s crews can also handle pavement marking removal and grooving operations.
   As Gray explains, as a society, many of us take for granted that the roads are adequately marked and there are signs delineating roadways. Those markings don’t just appear. It’s because of the crews working in harsh conditions, often for long stretches of time, who ensure the lines are placed properly and meet the specifications.
   “Our work is about safety,” explains Gray. “Most of our staff and people in the field love what they do,” says Gray. “It’s rewarding to walk onto a job site and it’s completely black and you have to figure out how to stripe the thing, the entire roadway comes to light, especially if you finish just before dark. When you’re driving away and you see those lanes looking bright, it brings a lot of satisfaction to know we just did that, and we’re doing our part to help keep the driving public safe.”
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