Member Profile: Brook Field Service

   When over 90 percent of your new sales and service contracts come from customer referrals, you know your business is doing something right.
   Such is the case at Brook Field Service, which for almost 40 years has sold, rented, and serviced top-of-the line residential and industrial generator systems to diverse customers. Those customers include hospitals, banks, factories, airports, power companies, and the construction community throughout New England and New York.
   “We offer portable, stand-by, and towable generators to meet all the needs of the contracting industry,” says owner, Jim Brochhausen. “We supply many generators for construction without electricity hooked up, and we offer site reviews and quotes at no charge.”
   For Jim and his twenty employees, their focus is on solving the customers’ needs and challenges-no matter the time of day, or night. “We have the largest field technician team working in the area with an unparalleled 24-hour emergency service coverage,” says Jim.
   The first call, no matter what time day or night, goes to Jim. If the issue can’t be resolved over the phone, a technician will be dispatched immediately. “We offer our customers peace of mind that there will always be someone close by who can respond at a moment’s notice if needed.”
   Brook Field Service’s highly-trained field technicians who all undergo rigorous training at factory schools, and are TQP Certified for Generator and Automatic Transfer Switch Repairs. “Our team is well-established, and many of our senior technicians have been working in the field for twenty-five years,” says Jim.
   As an active AGC/VT and VIECA member, Jim says he was pleasantly surprised to learn his team had access to a wide range of training courses including classes on OSHA and VOSHA. Despite his busy schedule, he looks to the organization to keep him updated on what’s happening legislatively, new rules and regulation changes, updates on health insurance and workers’ compensation, and other industry news.
   Choosing to join and remain a part of the AGC/VT and VIECA family has been easy for Jim.
   “There’s a real comradery that comes from being a member. You feel it at events like the annual meeting and golf tournaments. Business development also happens between members. Some customers have hired us partly because we are members too. I think members look to each other first as a way to support the industry and to ensure projects are delivered at the highest-quality and best price.”
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