Making the Subcontractor Relationship Work

By: AGC/VT Staff
   A quality subcontractor can make-or break-your project. In Vermont, many general contractors keep a preferred list of subcontractors who they’ve worked with previously. Experience, trust, and partnership goes a long way.
   Still, it helps to keep the general contractor and subcontractor relationship clean and clear. In an article for Construction Dive, writer Kim Slowey spotlights four tips to help keep the project on time, on budget, and the relationship on point.
This includes:
  1. Start with proper vetting
  2. Build in protections through subcontracts
  3. Specify short remediation times
  4. Define protection for subcontractors
   At AGC/VT, we’d add another point: reach out to your other partners and resources.
   Vermont is one large community working together so everyone wins. We’re willing to wager that you work with your trusted advisors-think CPAs, lawyers, and insurance agents-because you have a personal relationship with them. You trust them, their sound advice, their experience, their commitment and dedication to you and your business.
   Many of your trusted advisors can offer insight and advice on subcontractor requirements, Vermont law, regulations, and contract language. So, when in doubt, or when questioning, ask.
   And remember, we at AGC/VT are another trusted advisor and resource. Our mission to help you and your business succeed.