Middle of the month Legislative update

By: Matt Musgrave, Deputy EVP/Government Relations Director
   With the legislature on vacation for town meeting week not much is happening on State Street. A few bills have shown up on the website with one of particular interest. H.516 is a bill designed to increase the trades/construction workforce in two ways: one way would be in add curriculum starting at the 5th grade educating students about the trades and the second initiative would add education requirements for guidance counselors to recommend construction or trades to students who would benefit from those careers. AGC supports this effort as it has the potential to improve our workforce while opening doors for students not going to a traditional four-year college.
   The legislature returns on 3/12/19 and they will have only four days to advance bills of interest out of the house or senate due to “crossover”. Crossover is a cut off for legislation that will be focused on for the remaining of the year. Bills that have not made crossover will have to wait until the second year of the biennium or be reintroduced at another legislature. Crossover allows AGC to focus on bills that have momentum such as paid family leave, toxic liability, Act 250 and other bills affecting our business.
If there is anything you would like to see and obtain more information about please contact Matt Musgrave, Matt@agcvt.org or (802) 223-2374.