Keeping Employees Engaged

   “Hello, AGC Vermont and VEICA,” comes the chipper greeting from Aimee Ziter, Director of Project RoadSafe. Aimee has paused from typing an email-using one hand-to nestle the phone against her shoulder while cradling a three-month old sleeping baby in her other arm.
   “She’s only here when the daycare is closed or there’s another emergency,” Aimee says referring to her daughter, Amelia Rose, who was born on January. “As a single-mother, I was so worried about how I could keep doing my job and caring for her, but then I talked with Richard. He told me to bring her in when I had to, and I remember saying in surprise, ‘that can’t be professional,’ but he told me not to worry about a thing, that we would figure out a way to make everything work out. I didn’t think he was serious.”
   But Richard Wobby, executive vice president of AGC/VT and VEICA, was very serious. “Aimee is a valuable member who shoulders big responsibilities while delivering excellent results,” he explains. “She’s committed and dedicated to this job and has worked exceptionally hard for the organization. My focus is on keeping Aimee as engaged and performing at that high-level, so supporting her and the kid is critical.”
   Learn how Richard and Aimee have created a flexible and adaptable schedule that allows her to meet the demands for both her big responsibilities, her job and her daughter in the next edition of
The Build Board.