Jeff Newtons Testament to the Pro Drivers Awareness Training

“The stigma of the gear-jammin, wallet-on-the-chain truck driver is a thing of the past. Today’s driver is the ambassador of your company to the motoring public and your customer base. The extinction of the driver has forced the industry to pay more for the driver, and the responsibilities of that individual are much more than years ago.  This course provides a refresher to the driver of all the forgotten, and/or misinterpreted rules and regulations that we as an industry need both on-highway and roadside.  “I’ve done it that way for years” may be the incorrect way, or the rules and regulations have changed.  When you can get a group of drivers to sit in a classroom and engage with the course and actually ask questions, you as an owner feel good that they care and are paying attention. Aimee and Terry have a good rhythm and make the course real to the driver, new or old.” 
~Jeff Newton, President Dubois/Newton Construction Inc.