In Honor of Workers’ Memorial Day, Pledge to Work Safely

   Each day, when we leave for work, we assume we will be coming back home. We have spouses, children, pets, friends, aging parents or significant others who rely on us remaining safe and healthy. Unfortunately, for 5,147 families in 2017 that wasn’t the case. Over the past decade, even as workplace injuries decline, the number of workplace fatalities has remained relatively flat, even increased in some years. The National Safety Council is calling on Americans to recognize Workers’ Memorial Day on April 28 by pledging to prioritize safety at work, as well as participate in a virtual candlelight vigil to remember workers who have died on the job.
   The Council urges organizations to share the online Safe At Work Pledge with all of its workers to raise awareness of safety while on the job. In addition, the Council will host a virtual candlelight vigil beginning at 11 a.m. CT Friday, April 26, on Facebook, and all are welcome to join by offering comments of support, remembrance and love for those who tragically died while working.
   Together, we can change these sobering workplace statistics. We greatly appreciate your membership as it is a sign of your organization’s dedication to improving workplace safety. We exist to help companies like yours achieve your safety goals. Beyond membership, we offer a wide variety of safety assessment tools including a safety management system assessment, safety compliance audit, employee safety perception survey and medical emergency response preparedness assessment. Our safety consulting services and training programs enable you to address and correct the causes of workplace injuries and deaths. We can also recommend steps to assist in compliance as well as future safety performance improvement.
   Everyone deserves to return home safely at the end of the work day. Let’s join together to make workplace fatalities a thing of the past.
   Thank you for playing your part in keeping each other safe.
-By:Amy K. Harper, PhD, CSP, SMS
NSC Director of Workplace Strategy & Consulting Operations