Gordy Eastman Recruited by AOT

The Agency of Transportation has announced that they have acquire the services of Gordy Eastman through a partnership with the consulting firm Parsons Brinckerhoff.  Mr. Eastman is well respected in the highway construction industry and has worked in Vermont both as a contractor for over forty years and most recently as a resource to AOT in construction inspection.  Gordy’s has a long standing history with AGC/VT and the agency and has been the President and a member of AGC/VT for years.

Gordy’s initial assignments at The Agency of Transportation will be focused on performing an independent review of contracting and construction process and practices.  It will also include working with the Agency of Transportation specification committee.   This assignment will include building further on the strong partnership that AOT and the Associated General Contractors of Vermont have forged over many years.  AGC/VT members, AOT, their staff, and all contractors throughout the state will be working closely with Gordy as he performs these important duties.

AGC/VT looks forward to working with Gordy and identifying areas AGC and AOT can strengthen our partnership.