FMCSA outlines return-to-duty status for ELD out-of-service violations

Enforcers will begin issuing out-of-service orders on April 1 to drivers who are found in violation of the U.S. DOT’s electronic logging device mandate. And in a media update this week, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration briefly detailed what the out-of-service and return-to-duty status procedures will be once hard enforcement of the mandate begins.
   Truckers were required to begin using an ELD by December 18, 2017, to record their duty status. However, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which manages truck enforcement procedures, announced last year it wouldn’t begin issuing out-of-service orders until April 1. FMCSA also said late last year it wouldn’t ding carriers’ Compliance, Safety, Accountability scores for ELD violations in that time period, either.
   In two weeks, however, truckers cited for ELD non-compliance will be placed out of service for 10 hours. “Just the same as a driver who previously didn’t have a paper log,” said Joe DeLorenzo, FMCSA’s head of compliance and enforcement. “Once that 10-hour period is up, assuming the driver has at least a paper log, we’re going to provide flexibility for that driver to proceed to their final destination and deliver their load.”