Event Calendar

Monday, November 4, 2024

Run To Win 2024

Start Date: 6/13/2024 4:00 PM EDT
End Date: 11/4/2024 12:24 PM EST

Venue Name: AGC/VT

1 Graves Street
Montpelier, VT  United States  05602

Organization Name: AGC/VT

Matthew Musgrave
Email: matt@agcvt.org
Phone: (802) 324-7469

The Run To Win program is back for another election cycle! This FREE program is a non partisan, non issues based candidate training and education forum for Vermonters running for office in 2024. We will give candidates thorough guidance from experienced marketers, campaigners and community resources to help them set themselves apart from their competition. The programs will be every other Thursdays from 4-6pm at the AGC/VT office in Montpelier or if you choose via web cast. Attendees from the 2022 did very well in their elections using the simple to understand and implement systems and tools available through this program. We will also welcome special guest subject matter experts to make you the standout candidate.

Below is an outline of the sessions through August and more will be annouced later. You can register via the link above and you will receive email notification for classes and meeting links if you choose to participate remotely although we welcome you to join us in person for the best results! FYI in the "organization" field just write "Vermonter" as we dont need to know where you work! Questions contact Matt Musgrave at matt@agcvt.org or 802-223-2374.

June 13- Welcome and First Steps 4-6pm
                Building your team: inner core, bench and champions. Creating and following a set campaign schedule. Setting up your basic needs (web/social platforms). Understanding campaign finance. Social media need to knows! Plus we welcome Jeff from Jet Service Envelope and Printing with a special offer and a designer/photographer to help you build your image.
June 27- Campaign Finance Reporting and Research 4-6pm
                Join us for a session with a representative from Vermonts Election Division at the Secretary of State. We will discuss how to report on campaign finance, use the state website to research past election results, and understand how to create a budget to get elected based on data.
July 11- Creating Your Messaging and Effective Marketing Plan 4-6pm
                We will go over formulating a unique message that defines your candidacy. We will welcome guests who will talk about specific marketing opportunities and tools your campaign will benefit from.
July 25- Community Engagement and Developing a Following 4-6pm
                With less than a month to the primary election its critical that you have a following to get to the next step. Learn what community engagements you can participate in to grow that following and how best to differentiate your candidacy. We welcome Richard Wobby to present who has managed multiple successful campaigns over the years.
August 8- Final Push to the Primary Election 4-6pm
                Historically the primaries have significantly less voter participation than the general election and the voters are known as “super voters” who come out for everything. Because ballots are not automatically mailed for the primary candidates need to work hard to get more people to the polls. What can you do to get people to the polls? What messaging is your last push? How to navigate voting day.

More Sessions Through November TBA