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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

New Crane Operator Training and Certification Rookie Class

Start Date: 2/14/2023 8:00 AM EST
End Date: 2/17/2023 4:00 PM EST

Venue Name: NERSA at AGC/VT

1 Graves Street
PO Box 750
Montpelier, VT  United States  05601

Organization Name: New England Crane School

Email: anna@newenglandcraneschool.com
Phone: (303) 817-5663

New Operator Training and Certification  Rookie Class  (4 Day Course)
We offer a five-day entry-level class for aspiring operators that includes NCCER certification in the boom truck category.  This class includes pre-work and homework assignments every night, and it is strongly recommended that participants stay in nearby hotels for the week if they have more than a one-hour commute to reach the class location.  The schedule is as follows:

  • Pre-work: Read NCCER Level One Mobile Crane Operator books, which will be mailed in advance
  • Monday: Signal and rigging basics
  • Homework: General knowledge practice tests
  • Tuesday: Review general knowledge tests, inspection and set-up basics
  • Wednesday: Practical training on the crane, further practice tests
  • Thursday: Lift planning and load chart problems
  • Friday: NCCER written exams
  • Friday, Saturday or on a future date TBD: Practical exams scheduled based on the readiness of the operator
8:00 AM 5 Full Day Course    Call New England Crane School at 303-817-5663 or go to www.newenglandcraneschool.com to register or with any questions.