Electrical Safety Considerations 

     While tasked with protecting infrastructure and materials, safety and health professionals are also responsible for something far greater – human life. They develop the programs that keep employees safe, but in order for them to be effective they must first be properly implemented. Read More…
While identifying electrical safety hazards can be difficult, there are other hazards lurking in the workplace that can be even more challenging to overcome. The best practice in any case is to eliminate all risk by designing out the hazard. When that’s not possible, activate a safety program that incorporates policies and products that land within all levels of the hierarchy of controls to mitigate the risk as necessary.
Earlier this year, EHS Today invited its subscribers to participate in an online survey. Of the 621 participants that completed the survey, 454 were involved in electrical safety for their organizations.
Take a look at this Industry Insights Report , which covers the following key findings:
  • History of Specific Electrical Incidents – Past 5 Years.
  • Effectiveness of Method for Preventing Unauthorized Access to Electrical Equipment.
  • Departments/Roles Responsible for Electrical Safety Training.
  • Challenges when Implementing Electrical Safety Policies & Technologies.
  • Budgets Funding Electrical Safety Improvements (Unaided).
  • And more!