Defensive Driving


This four-hour classroom instructor-led course is recognized for its leading-edge curriculum, delivering compelling and proven defensive driving and collision prevention strategies; and has set the standard in the industry for more then 40 years. Whether employees are experienced drivers, assuming new driving tasks or commuting to work, this course will help keep them safer by focusing on taking greater responsibility for their driving behavior, judgment, decision making and consequences. Demonstrating the direct connection between attitude and choice and the potential dreadful results of poor driving conduct for themselves and their employer’s liability.

By the end of the course, employees will understand the importance of being safe, mindful, patient and courteous on the highway while conducting company business; and what it means for their employer. They will also understand the number one cause of occupational workplace fatalities: motor vehicle crashes.

Benefits of the Defensive Driving course include:

  • Potential reduction of collisions, safety violations and employee injuries
  • Certificates of completion for each attendee who completes the course
  • Many insurance companies offer a reduction in their automobile insurance rate upon completion of this course. (Contact your insurance company)
  • Courses are conducted at the NSC sanctioned training center at AGC/VT headquarters by NSC Certified Instructors.

This course is FREE through Project RoadSafe, a grant funded program paid for by the Vermont Governor’s Highway Safety Program. We can come to your location as well! Contact us for more information 802-223-2374.