COVID-19: Helping Fleet Drivers Stay Focused on Road Safety

For at-work drivers the world over, the number one priority at present is taking hygiene and other safety precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. And while, understandably, this will remain front of mind for the foreseeable future, it’s important that drivers don’t lose sight of the many other risk factors facing them on the roads every day.

Ten tips to help drivers retain a focus on road safety

  1. Continue to discuss the risk factors faced by drivers, including speed, distraction, impairment and fatigue as well as risks associated with COVID-19 (see Driver Safety Tips, S.and UK versions)
  2. Remind drivers that 94% of collisions are caused by incorrect attitudes and behaviors
  3. Communicate and enforce your distracted driving policy, making sure drivers are aware that using their phones to check the latest COVID-19 news updates and communicate with loved ones is not permitted while driving for work
  4. If drivers are currently able to use personal vehicles for work at this time, ensure they know that company safety policies and vehicle inspection requirements still apply
  5. Communicate the risks associated with fatigue while driving; this is particularly important considering the increasing pressures currently faced by drivers (and the temporary relaxation of the enforcement of drivers’ hours and working time rules in the EU)
  6. Make sure drivers are aware that emptier roads do not make it safer or acceptable to drive at unsafe speeds
  7. Ensure drivers are aware of how changes in lifestyle, stress and concerns about loved ones can affect their ability to focus on the road
  8. Let drivers know that if they begin to feel unwell while driving, they must get off the road when it’s safe to do so
  9. Make sure drivers are aware of the potential for impairment if taking prescriptions or over-the-counter medication
  10. Remind drivers of the dangers associated with ‘morning after’ impairment in case they are tempted to unwind with alcohol after work