COVID-19 2.0 Jobsite Safety Plan Update ***More Dates!!!

Its been over 4 months since COVID-19 descended on Vermont and our nation. We have all been through the same process starting with confusion as to why our industry was shut down for several weeks, frustration as policies rolled out allowing us to return to work with significantly challenging protocols and dealing with the financial recovery from our lost time on the job.
AGC/VT was proud to introduce the first return to work plan and offer trainings on safe protocols and how to deal with exposure situations. Now as we return to work we are seeing other challenges pop up that no one expected or forsaw. Some of these challenges include confusing travel restrictions, third party exposure situations and disparities in testing/medical advice.
Third party exposure situations are becoming more common. Examples include children being exposed to others in the public and the resulting effect on an employee parent. We have seen common illnesses thought to be COVID-19 only to come back negative while job sites have been either closed or limited in staff. We are predicting more confusion as schools reopen, interstate travel becomes more common, migration to Vermont from cities and as the season turns we are expecting a normal flu/cold season that will exacerbate fears of COVID-19 exposures.
With all these thoughts in mind, AGC/VT has created an updated return to work plan we are dubbing “COVID-19 2.0 Jobsite Safety Plan”. This plan will bring your COVID-19 Safety Resource Officers (CSRO’s) up to date with the most recent requirements from state agencies, training documents and some abbreviated systems to deal with the common cold/flu issues. In addition your association plans to create another training course to be offered in the coming weeks to update CSROs. Below you will find a link to download the most recent update to the AGC/VT plan known as “COVID-19 2.0 Jobsite Safety Plan” and a link to register for the class taking place on Tuesday, August 18 at 10am. Please let us know if you have any questions by calling us at the office 802-223-2374.

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