A Corporate Safe Driving Policy

safe-driving-policy-document-image(About 85% of Vermont businesses have 20 or less employees. Thus it is often difficult for some of these firms to establish comprehensive workplace traffic safety programs complete with safety officers and detail policies. The following is a suggested policy that is simple and straight forward. The key components include mandatory management participation, safe driving behavior by all employees, keeping distractions to a minimum, and knowledge of the “rules of the road,” with a review process.)

“This firm is committed to the proposition that our employees, our number one asset, must be safe in their workplace whether that workplaces is at a fixed location or out on the highway. We believe this policy, endorsed and practiced at all levels of management, will help reduce this company’s risk factor, thus reducing injures across the board and associated costs.

“It is the policy of this company that all drivers who are on company business shall demonstrate safe driving behaviors at all times. This means that personnel shall not endanger themselves or others while on the highway. This also means that seat belts shall be worn at all times; that cell phones shall be turned off while driving; that distractions shall be kept to an absolute minimum; that driver’s licenses are valid and current; that all vehicles have passed a detailed inspection; and that all drivers shall know and understand this company policy as well as the ‘rules of the road.’

“This policy shall be reviewed semi-annually. Necessary changes shall be made as needed.”

This sample policy does not speak to disciplinary actions for violation of this sample policy. That is left to discretion of the individual businesses who establish such policies.