Congress Passes Fiscal 2019 Transportation Funding

Congress Passes Fiscal 2019 Transportation Funding
    On Feb. 14, 2019, Congress passed a funding bill that included transportation funding for fiscal 2019. The bill includes full funding for commercial motor vehicle-related grants at or above the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act levels, with a $1 million increase to the commercial motor vehicle operator’s grant program.
  • MCSAP Formula – $304.3 million
  • High Priority – $44 million
  • CDL – $32.5 million
  • CMV Operators – $2 million
   In addition, the bill has several policy riders included.
  • Section 130 directs the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to send notice of Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations § 385.308 violations by a form of delivery that records notice of receipt. § 385.308 outlines violations that if committed by a new entrant may trigger an expedited safety audit or compliance review.
  • Section 131 prevents the U.S. Department of Transportation from enforcing electronic logging device requirements for motor carriers transporting livestock or insects through Sept. 30, 2019.
Section 131 prevents FMCSA from enforcing the May 27, 2015, final rule on the lease and interchange of vehicles for passenger-carrying motor carriers.