Committee Reports

The 2019 AGC/VT committees are meeting regularly and working hard toward improving our industry. The committee meetings have been easier than ever to attend as we have added the ability to join via web conference. We are pleased to report on recent meetings and hope you have time to attend in the future. Contact for scheduling information for any committee.

Workforce Development- We announced the ConstrucVT program which includes a new workforce development page on the website This is part of a larger plan including outreach, information materials and work with state agencies to improve. We were fortunate to have John Young (Director VTP/Dep Commissioner of Commerce) attend the most recent meeting and he suggested creating podcasts with ask the expert panels to share with potential workers.

Safety and Training- We announced that Skillsignal is up and running with several members already taking advantage of the workforce tracking/documentation software available for mobile devices. Contact us if you are interested. Creating a new member orientation and on boarding process was front and center in discussion. With the onboarding process a new hire would be able to understand the expectations of the firm while being shown a path to advancement which will go a long way towards retention.

Building Committee- Representatives from Building and General Services attended the meeting to share progress with the budgeting process for the coming year. Project discussions included improvements to buildings on State Street, court houses, Williston VT State Police barracks, Waterbury mental health facility and others. Many of the budget requests were successful but cleaning Vermonts water and state information technology improvements took much of the available funds.

Highway and Bridge- Work zone safety was the major topic of the committee. AGC/VT has been looking for ways to improve work zones with the addition of more variable speed signs, increased penalties for distracted driving and officer enforcement at sites. The committee also discussed section 630 related to traffic control and apparel.