Complacency can be dangerous when it comes to protecting the face and hands or properly protecting yourself from devastating electrical shock hazards.   

   On-the-job electrical hazards are more common than people may realize.    "Many workers are exposed to electrical energy while completing their daily responsibilities,"

   Although electrical contractors (ECs) aren't yet in the majority when they use high-tech gadgets, a recent survey shows adoption rates are going up.

   Last week's Polar Vortex wreaked havoc across nearly the entire country with freezing temperatures and sporadic snow storms. We've received a number of

   The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Rosslyn, Va., published new testing requirements for insulation-piercing connectors based on an updated ANSI standard for testing

  The Associated General Contractors of Vermont and the Vermont Truck & Bus Association, with the cooperation with the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles